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Credit Card Info

Credit Card Information

Please use the form below to provide your credit card information. A 50% deposit is required for all first-time clients (as outlined in the contract), and your information is kept on file until the project is completed. Once the deposit has been put through, a deposit receipt will be emailed to the address you provided below. When the project is completed, an Invoice will be emailed to you (with the deposit amount subtracted) and will be processed within the next day or two. Once payment is processed a final receipt for your records will be emailed to you.

Please note that this credit card number will be applied to all 3rd party services rendered such as: printing, web hosting, domain registration, etc. and I will always provide quotes and approve fees with you before transactions are made. It is the client's responsibility to continually update any credit card information to their accounts, such as web hosting, domain registration, email providers, etc. and no notifications will be made.

Any account login & password information set up by Caribou Creative will be emailed directly to you. It is important that you keep this information on file for future use as I do not retain records for security purposes.

If any transactions do not go through, you will be contacted and payment in full or the remaining balance is to be paid 15 days from receipt of the final invoice for the completed project. Finance charge of 19% per month (228% annually) on all overdue balances. 

If name is not established, please leave blank.
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