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Miiko Skin Co.

Miiko Skin Co. is a natural skincare product line focusing on using simple ingredients that are sourced from local suppliers in British Columbia. Founded by Kimiko Foster who holds a double major in Anthropology and Environmental Studies, she wanted to promote sustainable lifestyles effectively after she began buying locally, up-cycling, and making all of her own products - which is how Miiko Skin Co. was born.

Kimko came to me for new packaging after the brand had outgrown its current look and feel. By stripping away the white label and moving over to clear we were able to let the UV light protected recycled glass bottles to shine through as a contemporary design element. I broke apart the current logo to allow for more space while still promoting the well recognized hummingbird as the focal aspect of their brand. A subtle nod to her Japanese roots, we included brush strokes as a background element to differentiate the product lines.

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Packaging  |  Printer: Sticky Business | Photos: Danielle Lindenlaub Photography & Kim Jay Photography
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